Turn your Mac into a Bluetooth speaker

High quality audio streams via Bluetooth

Julius accepts high quality audo streams from other Bluetooth devices. The audio sample rate in the stream is as high as 44100 Hz, with stereo channels.

Sample rate is high as
44100 Hz.
for audio streaming
audio channels

Recording high quality audio on the Mac side

Ability to record audio streams as high quality WAV format audio, also, there is a timer to control how long it takes to record, which can be configured in the Preference.

Record the audio stream as
lossless WAV
audio format
Timer to control
the recording period

Mute audio stream

Mute or unmute audio stream at any time, while you want to stop or resume the audio stream on the Mac side.

*Requires macOS 10.12 Sierra or later

Compatible with Android Phone, iPhone, and other iOS devices