Low learning curve, easy-to-use font editor for Mac

Easy-to-use Vector Tools for Glyphs Design

Comes with a lot of vector tools to guide you throught the process of glyphs design, they are easy to get started with. And you can also use keyboard shortcuts to select those tool.

Curve, Rectangle, Circle...
Vector Tools
for design nice glyphs
Easy-to-remember shortcuts

Kerning View To Do Accurate Design

Kerning View to help you do more accurate glyphs design, all you need is entering some text you want to kern, and then click on the text to choose two glyphs, and then set a kerning value.

Enter some kerning text
Choose two glyphs
Set a kerning value

Clever Spacing In Glyph Design

Spacing can automatically computed while setting left side bearing and right side bearing.

Enter side bearings values
To compute glyph width
and glyph path

Glyphs Managment

By default, you can see all unicode glyphs, and also can customize your basic glyphs in the glyph list view.

Add, remove, search glyphs
By unicode, text strings

Exporting To UFO, OTF, TTF

Be able to export your designs into variable font formats including UFO, OTF, TTF.

Fast exporting to

More Features

You should just download the free trial and check out more features yourself. See more in the tutorials.

*Requires macOS 10.12 Sierra or later

Features request, bug reports are very welcome.

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